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Our Mission

The Guam Korean Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization based in Guam that focuses on strengthening the Korean business community in Guam. Our goal is to create a community that values teamwork -- creating a bigger voice and influence as one.




Andrew Park



Song Bin Im



Randy Jung


Vice President

Michael Um



Dong Won Lee


Sergeant at Arms

Edward Kim

Rex International, Inc.

Official message from the president

President's Message

Welcome to the Guam Korean Chamber of Commerce (GKCC).


The Guam Korean Chamber of Commerce (GKCC) is a group of Korean-Americans that reside in Guam who strive to increase the business opportunities of all members. We promote diversity amongst Korean business owners and professionals on Guam while utilizing the groups' influence and capabilities to support the local community. Our three main goals are:


  • Support Korean American businesses/professionals

  • Gain a political voice for the Korean community

  • Give back to the local community


Guam is an extremely unique market in that Guam is a territory of the United States, yet the island is located closer to Asia. With tourism as the largest industry in Guam, the island’s economy is more influenced by the Asian economy rather than the U.S. economy. This allows all GKCC members to have a unique opportunity to understand the U.S. culture while at the same time embracing the Korean emerging market.

Most of GKCC’s members are part of the second generation Korean-Americans in Guam and many of the members were born and raised on the island. We hope moving forward that our non-profit organization can be the beacon for inbound and outbound support in all industries.

Andrew Park

President | Guam Korean Chamber of Commerce

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